Our Process is Unmatched

The manufacturing of your next big project will be handled with the utmost experience from start to finish. To ensure the highest degree of satisfaction, we use sophisticated technology as well as time-honored instruments and machinery to produce supreme quality cabinets and furniture.

1) Call Us for an Appointment

Gather pictures, plans, blueprints, appliance sizes, and other materials, and if desired, we will come out and take measurements for you.

2) Discuss Options

Together we'll go over what will work and what won't. We might make suggestions concerning wood types, door styles, positioning, sizes, cost, crown moldings, cabinet pulls and knobs, and other accessories. We'll help you make sure your planned project is ergonomically designed for easy access and maximum productivity.

3) Finalize Plans

Once you are satisfied with every detail, Lawrence Furniture will present a set of drawings and a proposal for you to decide to agree upon.

4) Production

Wood goes in; furniture comes out.
We are dedicated to building with only the finest materials possible, and with tolerances held to +/- .001", our products are built to last a lifetime.

    • Digital Precision
      • Projects are first digitally drawn using software technology. We have built projects from sketches, photos, blue prints, and CAD designs.
      • Our computer numerical control (CNC) machine cuts out cabinetry pieces with exact specifications.
      • Our molding machine can duplicate any existing molding shape or create new moldings from scratch.
      • With the CNC, we are able to minimize waste of precious materials.
      • The CNC' high-speed tool changer automatically uses bits of all sizes to perfectly carve out differently leveled nuances that give your custom product a unique style.
    • Assembly
      • Skilled craftsmen construct the pieces on site in accordance with each projects' specifications.
      • Dado joints and dove tail joints are executed with precision and accuracy for durable construction.
      • Knobs and pulls are attached.
  • Install doors, drawers, etc.
    • Last but not least of the production process, cabinet pieces are put together to create a finished product.

5) Ship

Products are wrapped and padded as they are loaded into our trucks for a safe delivery.

6) Install

The same team who hand-assembled every piece will also professionally install them in your newly remodeled kitchen or office.

We hope this tour has helped you gain a better understanding of the great lengths we go to produce the finest quality cabinets and furniture. We look forward to getting started on your next project with you. Thank you.